London Capital Ring 3 : Wimbledon Park to Richmond

Start: Wimbledon Park Tube Station

Finish: Richmond Bridge

Length: 11 km / 6.8 miles

Weather: Grey and overcast, sunny later

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OK so my attempt at completing the Capital Ring in some semblance of order is, after this day, now gone and really it is a lottery which section I choose next.

This was a very scenic, green and lush route and I suppose the thought there aren't going to be many like this going around north-west to east puts me off those upper sections.

The moral to be had from this section is always take a map or guide book with you. Never assume that because the previously completed sections were exemplary in waymarkers, sign posts and generally you not getting lost, don't expect this all the way around.

All that it took was one missing sign, resulting in one incorrect decision and an extra hour of walking around in circles added a couple of miles to the route (not included in the milage above). Be warned!


Wimbledon park lake, looking over to Wimbledon Tennis. Very dull and gloomy.


Marking the way.


The All England Lawn tennis Club. Starting to brighten up and look slightly more cheery!


Path into the woods from Wimbledon Park Side.


Windmill on Wimbledon Common - shortly before it all started going horribly wrong.


TAKE NOTE: There is no Capital Ring sign post at this T-junction, but you need to turn right here and head down the path, into the woods! On no account get a 50/50 decision wrong and turn left. And then don't proceed for about 20 minutes in the wrong direction. Then when you have retraced your footsteps for a further 20 minutes, don't ask a Wimbledon Common Ranger, they might well send you in the totally wrong direction again!


Ah ha, Queen's Mere pond/lake at last. Also, an abundance of Capital Ring signposts and waymarkers.


Robin Hood Gate leading into Richmond Park.


Spankers Hill Woods on the right.


Coffee and lunch near to the Penn Ponds, in Richmond Park. Shortly after this break I found myself in the an extremely desperate situation, requiring another comfort break! Unfortunately on a sunny afternoon in a busy Royal Park my options were limited. So I had to grin and bear it until I got to the relative sanctuary of the toilets at Pembroke Lodge. The second occasion in one day that I nearly cried with frustration.


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